ZEP-RE has training programmes that are run throughout the year through seminars, workshops, conferences, webinars, and online modules. Please keep an eye out for upcoming programmes and registration details.

14th – 15th May | 11-14 June

Engineering (CAR/EAR) Insurance Underwriting and Claims Management Webinar Series

The Engineering (CAR/EAR) Insurance Underwriting and Claims Management Webinar Series is intended to
equip participants with the technical knowledge and skills needed to assess and underwrite engineering
insurances with focus on Project Insurance coverage, wording, risk assessment, underwriting and pricing.
This course further delves into the coverage and purpose of Machinery Insurance, Machinery Loss of Profit
(MLOP), Advance Loss of Profit (ALOP) and Delay in Start-Up (DSU) insurance and the critical aspects of
engineering insurance claims management that are considered by loss adjusters when handling claims.

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2nd – 3rd May

Microinsurance Workshop

Theme: “Empowering Communities: Microinsurance for Inclusive Development.”

This workshop delves into the multifaceted world of microinsurance, exploring its
pivotal role in fostering financial inclusion and bolstering community resilience. Our
journey takes us through the micro-insurance landscape, deciphering its intricacies
and evolution amidst shifting market trends.
In this Workshop, we shall discuss the importance of designing micro-insurance products that are not only affordable but also address the diverse needs of target populations, promoting inclusivity and accessibility with the support and expertise of insurance companies. This extends to innovative marketing approaches and distribution channels, including leveraging digital platforms and forging strategic partnerships to enhance reach and impact.
The workshop will highlight the pivotal roles of insurers, aggregators,
community-based organizations, and other players in nurturing sustainable
development, through which microinsurance can drive profitable and positive change for underserved members of our communities.

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29th – 30th April

InsurTech and the Future of Insurance

Modern trends and technological advancements in insurance and reinsurance.

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