Insurance Technology (InsurTech) has rapidly gained traction in Africa in recent years as the number of InsurTech start-ups has steadily increased. It has emerged as one of the major forces shaping the structure of financial services across Sub-Saharan Africa, proving to be a key enabler of financial inclusion.

As a thought leader and supporter of Insurtech, ZEP-RE identifies specific companies that contribute to improving access and affordability of insurance products in high-impact sectors, including healthcare.

Partners in InsurTech

Medbook: Our drive to extend our services saw us invest in Medbook, a leading digital healthcare and InsurTech solutions provider, offering claims management systems to insurance companies and hospital management systems to hospitals.

Altron: ZEP-RE formed a strategic partnership with Altron, a large player in the South African telematics industry, to improve services to the motor vehicle sector.

Swift Ant: Our focus on digitalisation led us to partner with SwiftAnt, who assists insurance companies to build intelligent solutions that address business challenges, increase market penetration, and improve customer experience which results in top-line and bottom-line growth.

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Driving InsurTech in Africa

The insurance industry, like any other industry, is constantly changing with ever evolving risks and technologies. As the Zep-Re InsurTech team, we seek out new innovations that lead to the development of new business models, increase efficiency, improve customer experience, and create opportunities for insurers to stay competitive in the ever-changing environment.

If you have innovative ideas, reach out to the InsurTech team at Zep-Re and together we will help you realise your vision, goals, and get the expertise you need to implement your ideas.

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