Our People

ZEP-RE recognises that all achievement is ascribed to a resolute and professional staff. Drawn from COMESA and beyond, our staff are the core drivers of the company’s strategy and service to our clients.

Our commitment to our staff is to continue providing them with a safe, fair, and responsive working environment where we go out of our way to constantly provide all of our employees with additional training programmes and opportunities for career advancement.

Available Career Opportunities

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Young Professionals Programme

Under its mandate to facilitate the training of insurance and reinsurance personnel in the COMESA region, ZEP-RE launched the Young Professionals Programme (YPP) in 2015.

YPP is a year-long internship programme that helps train and provide work experience to university students and graduates from Africa.

Who can Join YPP?

Graduates of actuarial science, insurance, law, business, accounting, and finance benefit from this programme. As an ESG compliant organisation, we endeavour to ensure that there is a gender balance in the programme by giving equal opportunity to both male and female interns.

What are the Benefits of YPP?

Through exposure to the (re)insurance and business world alonside top professionals, the programme acts as a steppingstone for YPP interns. The interns are equipped with practical experience in order to reinforce their theoretical learning, start building crucial networks, and receive employment opportunities.

40 participants



transition to

Importantly, approximately 80% of YPP interns have received employment opportunities within ZEP-RE upon completion of their internship, due to their excellent performance and personal attributes. Additionally, the high calibre enables the remaining interns to quickly attain opportunities in the insurance and broader financial services sectors. The programme boasts a 100% transition to employment for all interns.

Alumni to the programme are in high demand due to their creative ideas, knowledge, hands-on experience, innovation, and youthful vibrance giving credence to the impact that ZEP-RE envisaged when it started the programme.

ZEP-RE is living up to its mandate to create capacity in the African insurance industry
Become a YPP Intern

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