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Specialised Services

COMESA Yellow Card Scheme

The COMESA Yellow Card Scheme is a regional third-party motor vehicle insurance scheme established in 1994.

The scheme provides third-party legal liability cover and compensation for medical expenses resulting from road traffic accidents caused by visiting motorists.

ZEP-RE manages the Reisurance Pool of the scheme and is responsible for:

  • Business acceptance
  • Payment of claims
  • All administrative work
  • Management of investments
  • Preparation of the accounts of the schemes

Operational in 15 countries and is being expanded to 3 more countries in 2022.

In 2021 250,000 yellow cards were issued

Over 200 insurance companies participate

Scheme insures over 200,000 vehicles using cards annually.

The COMESA Yellow Card is a motor vehicle insurance scheme which is valid in all the participating countries. It covers third-party liabilities and medical expenses for the driver of the vehicle and their passengers should they suffer any bodily injury as a result of an accident to an insured vehicle. It also facilitates cross border movement of vehicles between COMESA member countries. As this card is valid in many parts of the region, transporters and motorists do not have to buy insurance cover at each border post they cross. This yellow card scheme is administered as an Insurance Pool and ZEP-RE has been managing this Pool for over ten years.

COMESA Regional Customs Transit Guarantee (RCTG) Scheme

The RCTG Scheme allows a single custom guarantee bond to be used for the transit of goods across customs borders of the participating countries.

The scheme is fully operational in the Northern Corridor, namely: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

The Djibouti corridor is currently being operationalised.

ZEP-RE manages the Reinsurance Pool of the Scheme and is responsible for:

  • Business acceptance
  • Payment of claims
  • Structuring of retrocession programme
  • Management of investments
  • Preparation of the accounts of the schemes

In 2021, bonds issued amounted to US$ 517 million.

Over 1500 sureties and clearing agents participate in the Scheme annually.

The scheme plays a critical role in supporting the US$ 10 billion intra-COMESA trade.

The COMESA RCTG is a customs transit regime designed to facilitate the movement of goods in transit in the COMESA region. It provides adequate security of guarantee to the transit countries to recover duties and taxes should the goods in transit be illegally disposed of for home consumption in the country of transit. Under the RCTG Scheme, only one bond – RCTG CARNET – will be issued, doing away with the current practice under which a bond is required to be issued for every country in which the goods are in transit. The RCTG CARNET therefore facilitates the movement, clearance, and release of transit goods reducing the cost of guarantees, collateral amount, and transit time and overall cost of doing business in the region. ZEP-RE was appointed as Pool manager of this scheme in 2010.