Leadership and Footprint

ZEP-RE has undergone a transformative journey in terms of expanding its services beyond COMESA member states and establishing branch offices in West Africa. The company’s growth and leadership changes have marked significant milestones throughout its history.

In 1993, ZEP-RE began operating in Nairobi, Kenya, with Mr. Shadreck Lubasi serving as the first Managing Director. Subsequently, the company expanded its presence by opening the Retakaful Window in Khartoum, Sudan in 1998. In 2007, ZEP-RE further expanded its operations, establishing offices in Lusaka, Zambia, and Douala, Cameroon. It was during this time that Mr. Shadreck Lubasi retired, and Mr. Rajni Varia assumed leadership.

The company’s name and logo also underwent a change, becoming ZEP-RE (PTA Reinsurance Company). Over the years, ZEP-RE continued to extend its reach, opening offices in Harare, Zimbabwe (2009), Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (2010), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2017), Kampala, Uganda (2018), Kinshasa, DRC (2021), and finally in Kigali, Rwanda (2021).

ZEP-RE shareholders have been served by an illustrious group of corporate magnates with Dr. Michael Gondwe serving as Board Chairperson from 2009, succeeded by Mr. William Erio in 2014, Ms. Christabel Michel Banda in 2021, and the current Board Chairperson Ms Chileshe Mpundu Kapwepwe. Ms. Hope Murera assumed the role of Managing Director & CEO in 2017, taking over from Mr. Rajni Varia.

In 2020, ZEP-RE acquired a majority stake in ACRE Africa and appointed Ewan Wheeler as the Managing Director. Two years later, ZEP-RE acquired a 20% stake in Medbook, a digital health solutions provider. These advancements have shaped ZEP-RE’s growth trajectory and its commitment to delivering reinsurance solutions across Africa.