30th Anniversary Campaign

ZEP-RE is embarking on an ambitious environmental campaign dubbed: “30,000 trees for 30 years” initiative to commemorate its 30th anniversary. With the vision of planting 30,000 trees, representing 1000 trees for each year of its operation. ZEP-RE aims to contribute to reforestation efforts and environmental sustainability, termed #JazaMiti in support of the National Forestry and Land Restoration Acceleration programme by the Government of Kenya which targets planting 15 billion trees in 10 years.

To launch this campaign, the company organized a sports event to raise funds that will support the tree planting initiative. Dubbed the “ZEP-RE 30th Anniversary relay run”, the event has not only served as a means of generating financial resources but also raised awareness and engaged stakeholders in recognizing the importance of environmental conservation. By undertaking this initiative, ZEP-RE demonstrates its commitment to giving back to the communities it serves and making a positive impact on the environment for the next 30 years and beyond.